1. Maintain 100% client satisfaction and client retention.

2. Standardize customer on-boarding process as to give customers more administrative independence and knowledge.

3. Standardize processes for scalability to achieve measurable standards of product quality and customer service.

4. Secure record-breaker projects for companies with compatible business visions, acumen, and professionalism.

5. Cultivate A1 Enterprise culture to mature and fortify internal relations, creativity, and accountability.

6. Obtain 20 new top-rated customer reviews.

9. Launch a new web-site as to simplify our customer experience of our web site while depicting all product offerings.

10. Release a cutting-edge Dashboard that integrates with other custom business systems (ERP, HR, Manufacturing, Payroll, etc.).

11. Enhance UX components to improve user experiences in staged releases based on modules most frequently used.