Contract management software automates the contract initiation and approval steps and thereby eliminates steps and time for contract managers and contract parties. The contract lifecycle will vary across different organizations however they all share fundamentals. A1 offers a unique and highly configurable contract management system designed by contract managers, for contract managers, to resolve contract management issues many organizations share. Having a single contract repository to store all contract types, documents, and metadata along with a robust reporting tool allows a business to get a big picture of their contracts, while having options to zero into the fine details of contract terms, conditions, and compliance issues.

Our software is well suited for contracts of all types:

Vendor & Supplier Sales Service Contracts Subcontractor Agreements
Warranty Contracts NDA Intellectual Property Lease Agreements
Purchasing Contracts Master Services Rental Agreements Employee Agreements

Contract Management Software

Contract Workflow & Automation

A1 Enterprise contract management software suits small, medium, and large size companies and is scalable from low to high volume users. With solid facilities for contract workflow, we effectively replace manual contract processes with automation reminders, notifications, and email-based approval routing. Business rules control the contract approval routing across the organization and may be tailored to suit your contract approval thresholds and levels of contract authority.

Contract Reminders & Notifications

A1 Enterprise contract management software includes scheduled reminder notifications and email alerts to ensure people are notified when a contract is due for renewal. Contract managers can also set scheduled reminder notifications for those contracts that require regularly scheduled follow ups, such as maintenance agreement contracts, insurance policies, management contracts, licensing agreements, or subscription agreements. Document management may also play a role in contract management, with approval and document uploads via a corporate web site.

Contract Software & Enterprise Contract Management Software

Contract Management Software