Claims management software by A1 Enterprise is ideal for claims processing and cloud claims management software to track, report, and reduce claims.There are many types of claims and risk exposures leading to claims for an organization. Claim management software can include liability insurance claims, occupational injuries, damaged assets, warranty and RMA claims, and 3rd party claims. A1 Enterprise offers key features to manage organizational liability and support risk management objectives by providing a tailored approach to claims management, where we customize our software for your specific claims tracking and reporting requirements.

Claims Management Software

A1 Tracker helps your claims management team to better understand claim trends to help risk managers decide how to reduce claim frequency. Reducing claim frequency may involve modifications to high-risk work site behavior, new organizational risk management policy, or modifications to safety requirements. Claims management software and the benefit claims software brings to an organization impacts many aspects of a business, including workplace morale, costs of insurance premiums, workers compensation costs, and product liability insurance. A1 Tracker claims software is web-based and allows businesses to host their data on-site in their IT center or off-site in the cloud. Claims software includes modules to track insurance policy data, including insurance policy premiums, coverage limits, builders risk insurance, and auto insurance. Claims tracking software can be broken down into a hierarchical format by entity, region, division, department, and line of business so each manager a various levels of the company have access to their unique claim tracking reports. Claim cost tracking includes claim payments, reserves, settlements, and other related claim expenses.

A1 Tracker claims management software includes insurance tracking features so claim software managers can resolve a claim by following up with insurance companies and appropriate insurance groups to understand how the claim is covered by it’s associated insurance policy.

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