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The logo for A1 Enterprise was originally drawn using a pencil and paper in a journal by Chris Day. In studying Japanese calligraphy, Chris decided in 2005 that it was time to give A1 Enterprise a face. While contemplating the meaning of A1 Enterprise, and his strategy for the company, Chris started applying his training in Japanese calligraphy and Budo into his drawing of the new logo.

The new logo took minutes, if not seconds, before Chris knew he had drawn his new face for the company. The logo, as in most any calligraphic character, has more of a general meaning rather than a cut and dry, hard and fast translation. The meaning behind calligraphy is driven by a state of mind rather than by definition. Knowing this, Chris had knew that the state of mind he was in at the time had led to his rendering the new A1 Enterprise logo.

In discussing the logo, it is more like discussing a state of mind rather than the meaning of specific words. The state of mind embodies several factors including action-oriented behavior, balance, evolutionary growth, and single-pointed determination. Some interpretations have included stability, longevity, and like that of a tree. These served as the fundamental ingredients for what Chris invested into the A1 Enterprise company logo. Chris has welcomed other interpretations of the logo, and through various conversations with colleagues, customers, and vendors, Chris has come to appreciate the level of open-mindedness that this logo has brought into the company culture of A1 Enterprise.

Contract Software & Enterprise Contract Software

A1 Tracker

Renewal Management Software,  Renewal Tracking

A1 Tracker is a contract management software created by A1 Enterprise for contract management, cost control, contract management, and other forms of project tracking. A1 Enterprise has effectively depended on this software to manage projects since 2004. Since A1 Tracker evolved out of the determination of A1 Enterprise to manage projects effectively and efficiently, the logo for A1 Tracker contract management software took the basic A1 Enterprise company logo and transformed it by bending and modifying the top shape in the company logo to formulate the letter “T”. The logo for A1 Tracker contract and project management software then inherits the same qualities as the company.

Contract Software & Enterprise Contract Software

Custom Software

Contract Management Software

A1 Enterprise has branded Right-For-You Software to represent the time and effort involved in providing a business with a custom software. The Right-For-You Software logo has the “O” in the center of the logo, representing the bulls eye of hitting the mark; where the “mark” is the specific targeted business needs of the customer. The hand beneath represents our dedication to both customer service and quality. Catering to our customer custom software needs fundamentally is what builds the strongest long-term business relations. Since A1 Enterprise designs the software to be “right” for a specific customer business, the software is then “right-for-you”.

Contract Software & Enterprise Contract Software

ScanTrust Software Security

Scantrust Software Security

The ScanTrust logo has a shark fin, (Mako shark) at the top of the logo which serves to be a thorough scanner for vulnerable entities lurking in software. (The Mako shark was selected because Mako sharks are faster and more agile than the legendary Great White.) The shark fin carries the A1 Enterprise company logo to represent a thoroughness and determination that ScanTrust inherits from the company. When using ScanTrust, a customer business “can trust” that their software will have secure data and secure code. The red highlight over the “can trust” both emphasizes the ability to trust this process but also the scan itself, as it identifies such software vulnerabilities and then exposes them to be resolved.