Leadership at A1 Enterprise sets the ethical standards for our software products and services equal to our relationships with our customers. Therefore, our software reflects our standards for doing business. In order for A1 to chose standards we asked ourselves the following question:

“What makes companies great?”

Our answer is simple:

People make companies great by the way they conduct themselves. Software helps people make companies great by providing organization and accountability. This became the foundation of our tag line:

People make companies Great. Software makes companies better.”

At A1 Enterprise we account for our people, our actions, and our decisions. We build software products, support processes, and conduct ourselves to support the following principles:

  • Communicate with precision.
  • Convey ideas directly.
  • Account for understanding customer needs.
  • Respect other businesses.
  • Improve professional and technical competence.
  • Promote open discussion.
  • Honor confidentiality.
  • Honor intellectual property rights.
  • Accept professional responsibility for work.
  • Resolve situations that may give rise to a conflict of interest.
  • Provide business and software products that match customers operational and financial needs.
  • Follow up and follow through.
  • Encourage and support your own and other’s professional development.